Prefilters, Polypropylene, 90 mm, 25/PK

หมายเลขผลิตภัณฑ์: 2947902
THB ราคา: ติดต่อ Hach

Xenosep brand ValuSep SPE Filters for EPA Method 1664A are designed to provide high recovery and low blank values in Horizon SPEDEX and SPE Manifold applications. Chemically treated with a proprietary reverse phase adsorbent, single layer borosilicate glass ValuSep SPE Filters (47mm) can filter the 40 mg/L EPA PAR standard in approximately 10 minutes with significantly faster filtration times for 1 L NPDES-type samples. ValuSep SPE Filters offer high recoveries and low blanks at a great price.