Ultraturb seawater sc sensor with 5m cable

Ultraturb seawater sc sensor with 5m cable
หมายเลขผลิตภัณฑ์: LPV415.99.22002
THB ราคา: ติดต่อ Hach

Large measuring range: 0.0001 - 1,000 NTU

The Hach Ultraturb plus sc Sensor measures turbidity from 0 to 1000 FNU (NTU) for a wide variety of low to medium range turbidity applications. Use it to effectively monitor conventional filtered water processes, effluent water, distribution systems, and elevated tanks where small-sized particulates or air entrapment may be an issue.

Self-cleaning Sample Chamber Option

The Ultraturb sensor is available with an automatically self-cleaning sample chamber that guarantees stable measured values. The silicon wiper blades inside the sample chamber are held in place with a magnetic coupling wheel to further keep the sample chamber intact.

Suitable for seawater, brackish water, raw water and other applications

The new Ultraturb seawater sc is resistant to salt concentrations up to 65 g/L.

Ratio Methodology Detects Sample Chamber Fouling

The Ultraturb sensor uses ratio methodology with detection at 90° and 180° to minimize reflections in the measuring cell and on the windows. In this way, fouling of the sample chamber is detected earlier than with a single detection system.


Hach Ultraturb sc, Factory Test Certificate, 4 wipers, Accessory set LZP816, User Manual


Automatic Wiper: ใช่
การตรวจสอบความถูกต้อง: Stablcal or dry standard CVM module
การทำความสะอาดเซนเซอร์: Wiper, automatic
ขนาด (ส x ก x ล): 240 mm x 250 mm x 110 mm
ความแม่นยำ: ± 0.008 FNU ±1% of reading whichever is greater
(0 - 10 FNU)
ความยาวคลื่น: 860 nm infrared light
ความยาวสายเคเบิล: 5 m
ความสามารถในการทวนซ้ำ: ± 0.003 FNU or ± 0.5% of reading (whichever is greater) from 0 - 2 FNU
จอแสดงผล: Display provided through connection with Hach sc Controller
ช่วงการวัด: 0.0001 - 1000 NTU (TE/F, NTU, FNU) can be programmed as required (0.001-250 EBC = 2500 ppm SiO2) (Note: 1 FNU is equivalent to 1 NTU)
ช่วงความดัน: 6 bar at 20 °C (87 psi at 68 °F)
ช่วงอุณหภูมิในการทำงาน: 2 - 40 °C (36 - 104 °F)
ทางเข้า: 13 mm ID Tubing or fixed connection (PVC system component pipework)
ทางออก: 13 mm ID Tubing or fixed connection (PVC system component pipework)
น้ำหนัก: Approx. 1.5 kg
รุ่น: Ultraturb seawater
วัสดุ: Housing: ASA; Window: Quartz; Wiper Blade: Silicon; Wiper Shaft: stainless steel 1.4571
วิธีการปรับเทียบ: Stablcal or dry standard CVM module
วิธีการวัด: 90° infrared pulse scattered light technique in accordance with DIN EN ISO 7027
เวลาตอบสนอง: 1 - 60 s (programmable)
อัตราการไหลของตัวอย่าง: 0.2 to 1 L/min
อุณหภูมิตัวอย่าง: Max. 50°C (122°F)